Don´t let the progressive abortion supporters risk the lives of the unborn and the infirm!

Friend —

Pro-Lifers are on notice after progressive abortion supporters tried to illegally shut-down the Texas legislative process because of a few Pro-Life laws this summer.

If they thought an illegal take-over was fine because we protect Life, imagine what could happen if they legally take over the governorship next year?

They've already imagined it.

That's why progressive abortion supporters have targeted tens of millions of out-of-state dollars to take out Pro-Life legislators to make that happen.

Right now, Texas Right to Life is working to make sure progressives don't go anywhere near our legislators, the sick, the elderly and the innocent unborn babies who are at risk if they win.

For years, Texas has been the nation's leader in Pro-Life legislation because of our dedicated work.

Will you keep Texas Right to Life at the tip of the spear into 2014 by contributing to our year-end goal of $34,258 by December 31!

We've never seen such aggression from the abortion left as we've witnessed recently. It's clear they aim to take Texas, no matter what, and our resources are extremely thin when compared to theirs.

Please click and follow this link to give your urgent contribution for Life of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $4,000 right now!

So far, donors have thankfully contributed $12,450 towards our goal but we only have eight more days to go!

We have no time to lose as the agents of death are marking us with advertising and lies — I don't need to tell you how effective they are, unfortunately.

We can win, if we have your immediate support.

Please contribute, right now >>

Yours for Life,