Documents Reveal Biden Admin Targeted Pro-Life Moms as ‘Radicalization Suspects’

The Biden administration is under fire after accusations that its Department of Homeland Security produced training videos targeting suburban Pro-Life moms as “radicalization suspects,” according to documents obtained by the America First Legal Foundation.

These records reveal the Office of Terrorism and Violence Prevention within DHS outlining approaches for the proposed videos just nine days after Biden took office. The Foundation for Freedom Online, which first obtained the records, claims that they provide further evidence of DHS shifting its focus from foreign terrorism threats to monitoring and interfering in the political beliefs of domestic US citizens.

The documents present fictional scenarios featuring “radicalization suspects.” One such scenario introduces “Ann,” a middle-aged woman described as a Pro-Life advocate residing in rural Elkville.

According to the profile, Ann has become more religious since her mother’s death and has grown increasingly concerned about the well-being of unborn children. The video asks viewers to assume bystander roles and presents three difficult choices that mirror real-life decisions at the end of each scene.

In the case of Ann, the bystander options include a preacher, a bakery employee, and a hairdresser, each with its own scenario. For example, the preacher’s scenario involves witnessing a heated discussion between Ann and another parishioner during a prayer group. Ann asks the preacher if the Bible justifies violence in defense of life.

The choices for the preacher as a bystander include scheduling counseling with Ann on church teachings and violence prevention, discussing any behavioral changes with her husband, or reaching out to another church group member to inquire about Ann’s recent interests.

Based on the viewer’s choice, an “individualized narrative slide” is presented in the video. The document features two more scenarios: a bakery employee overhearing Ann shouting “Baby killer” and Ann expressing her opinion about taking action against a Planned Parenthood office in a neighboring county to her hairdresser.

Biden’s DHS previously drew criticism after creating and disbanding its “Disinformation Governance Board” intended to censor American citizens online.

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