Do not let the abortion industry dehumanize Life!

Friend —

This week, a lobby day was hosted at our Austin capitol by Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in America.

Barely able to gather 100 advocates of death from around Texas, the speakers celebrated the bills designed to dismantle current Pro-Life laws. Representative Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) is working with Planned Parenthood on HB 708 that would change every mention in Texas law of the word “unborn child” to the word “embryo” or “fetus.”

After informing Pro-Life legislators of this ugly legislation, our representatives rallied with Texas Right to Life to demonstrate their Pro-Life views on abortion lobby day. We made signs for them each to use in their own way that included his or her name and identified each as a “former fetus” to draw attention to the humanity of the unborn child and to show the patent absurdity of the Farrar bill.

Pro-Life legislators were so excited when we delivered the signs to them along with a detailed fact sheet on America’s abortion giant:

We have now completed eight weeks of the 20-week legislative session. Each week will become more important. And difficult.

That's why I must warn you: despite a Pro-Life majority in both the State House and in the State Senate, we risk losses and setbacks.

That's because the billion-dollar abortion industry trains activists and hires expensive lobbyists to sneak anti-Life language into legislation at the last minute.

Imagine if this dehumanizing “fetus” language was tucked into a must-pass education or highway bill!

So far, we’ve stayed a few steps ahead of these former fetuses! In fact, in the House Committee on Appropriations, attempts were made to restore funding to Planned Parenthood through screening programs for breast and cervical cancers. But Texas Right to Life helped Pro-Life legislators ensure that these vital women’s health programs are fully funded WITHOUT including abortion providers.

If our team was not present at these hearings, legislators may not have understood the dangerous nuanced funding issue.

I'm calling on your emergency support of $100 or more to keep Texas Right to Life at every committee hearing around-the-clock. We must watch for Planned Parenthood's attacks on Life!

Children in Texas read their textbooks about our laws and know — with certainty — that an unborn child is killed when someone commits an abortion. Women who need cancer screenings and routine exams should not have to go abortion centers for those services.

Speaking of textbooks, we are watching the sex-ed fights, too, only to make sure that abortion centers and their affiliates do not qualify as the providers for sex-ed in public schools. We must not expose school-aged children to abortion propaganda — and certainly not with your tax dollars!

Do not let the culture of death grow in Texas!

Please click this link to donate $100, $250, $600, $1,500 or even $3,500 to protect our children and our women’s health programs from the abortion industry, right now >>

We only have 12 weeks left to accomplish our goals, and then we have to wait until 2017 to save more babies — we cannot afford to let tens of thousands of babies die!

Keep us on the front lines, fighting Planned Parenthood and all the agents of death. Donate, right now.

Yours for Life,