Do not let anti-Lifers abort babies with disabilities!

Friend —

What I witnessed will make you furious, like I am.

Here's what happened:

Standing on the House floor, extremist, anti-Life State Representative Jessica Farrar, stood up and opposed two Pro-Life amendments, even one that would protect unborn babies who might have a disability from abortion.

Friend, you read that right. Nearly in tears and with her voice quivering, Jessica Farrar and the powerful anti-Life caucus used legislative tricks to stop us from protecting unborn babies who might have a disability, calling the Pro-Life male representatives “mysogynists.”

After their vicious fight, I am sad to report that the entire bill was sent back to committee before it was even brought to a final vote! With RINOs committed to defeating solid Pro-Life legislation, our two solid Pro-Life amendments will die if we don't act fast.

The legislative session is nearing the end — we meet only every two years — and we have no time to waste. But that is exactly what the anti-Life caucus wants.

Will you have Texas Right to Life's back in this emergency? If so, click and follow this link right now to donate $100 or more to pass this Pro-Life bill before the clock runs out!

Friend, these legislative tricks will end 120,000 lives before the next legislative session — in 2017 — if anti-Life extremists have their way. I will not let this happen! But we are in an emergency and I need to know if you will support your Pro-Life headquarters right now.

Another amendment that also died when the bill was pulled down would have forced abortion centers to report every month how many babies they killed — the same, common-sense rules that exist even in New York City!

But the powerful abortion and medical lobby want Texas to have weaker abortion laws than New York City! With people like Jessica Farrar in their pockets, we MUST protect the most vulnerable with everything we can– and there is no one more vulnerable than a baby with disabilities. We must protect them!

That's why I write to you in this urgent moment and ask if you will pitch-in $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 or more to pass this Pro-Life bill!

Legislators need to know that they must continue the fight for Life — to NEVER give into the abortion lobby. My team and I are in Austin to protect Life only with the emergency support from Pro-Lifers like you.

Click and follow this link to restore our Pro-Life amendments right now!

I must get back to work so I thank you, in advance, for your emergency support.

Yours for their Lives,