Disturbing foster care case reveals how the abortion industry covers up abuse

A woman in Los Angeles County is suing the Department of Children and Family Services on the basis of allegations that reveal the predatory nature of the abortion industry. Not only do abortion mills prey on vulnerable young mothers, but abortion businesses often play a role in perpetuating abuse.  

The negligence lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court alleges that the plaintiff, identified only as F.M. in court documents, suffered sexual abuse in her foster home. After becoming pregnant, F.M. underwent an abortion arranged by her case worker. In a pattern seen all too commonly in the abortion industry, the abortion was used to ignore and coverup the abuse, and F.M. was allegedly returned to the abusive home where she suffered for two additional years.

According to local news, the lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff was sexually abused by her foster father and two foster brothers. After becoming pregnant with the child of one of the brothers, the plaintiff underwent an abortion at just 13-years-old. The life-ending procedure was allegedly arranged by the social worker tasked with ensuring F.M.’s health and safety.

Although the horrific allegation that the person tasked by the state with protecting a minor was actively involved in covering up ongoing abuse, F.M.’s story is sadly not uncommon. Many minors who become pregnant through sexual abuse or human trafficking are shuffled through the abortion mill without reporting obvious indicators of abuse and coercion. As seen in many similar cases, instead of addressing the situation of a minor in challenging situations likely subject to abuse and endangerment, the abortion industry gets rid of the evidence, an innocent preborn child who had no say in how she was conceived.

Cases like that of a high school girl assaulted by a school security guard who underwent a forced abortion show how common coverups are in the abortion industry. Beyond isolated incidents of abuse, the abortion industry has also been implicated in covering up for human traffickers and ignoring signs of serious crimes against young girls. Undercover investigations have shown how willing many abortion workers are to aid and abet criminals.

F.M.’s lawsuit does not seek to address the abuses of the abortion industry, and only focuses on the Department of Children and Family Services. The case worker who allegedly arranged the abortion and returned the victim to her abusers grossly violated the rights of a child in the care of the department. The lawsuit states, “Maltreatment of children in foster care has been a problem that defendants have failed to address in a reasonable manner consistent with their duties to children under their jurisdiction.”  

Responding to news of the lawsuit, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services issued a statement that read in part, “At any given time, the Department of Children and Family Services serves more than 34,000 children in Los Angeles County with an unwavering commitment to pursue child safety every day in our communities; our nearly 9,000 employees take that role very seriously and work hard to safeguard the children in our care.”  

The allegations against the Department of Children and Family Services reveal two victims. One is the underage girl whose was subjected to abuse that was perpetuated by the abortion industry’s coverup with the cooperation of the social worker. The other is an innocent preborn child. Ending the life of this child conceived through abuse further victimizes the young mother. Abortion cannot undo the pregnancy of a victim of abuse; the young girl is already a mother when she becomes pregnant. Abortion renders the victim the mother of a dead child, a further wound that does not help her to heal.

As Texas Right to Life has previously reported, the abortion industry postures as caring for women and looking out for their best interests. The lies of the abortion industry become obvious in cases like that of F.M. in which an underage victim is further victimized by the killing of her preborn child. The abortion industry is not looking out for the best interests of women and girls, and the abortion industry is lethal for the preborn children who fall under their “care.”

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