Dishonorable mention: Planned Parenthood praises "Republican" state representative, J.D. Sheffield

Recall in 2015 when a Texas “Republican” stood on the floor of the Texas House and proclaimed preborn babies with perceived disabilities should be “dealt with?”

Texas Right to Life does.  

Remember when that same Texas “Republican” was publicly praised by Planned Parenthood the very next day for the shocking speech?

We remember that, too.

Pro-Life Texans in House District 59 are continually lied to by the man who is supposed to represent their conservative values.  An integral part of conservative values is respecting the sanctity of every Life.  J.D. Sheffield, a doctor, touts supposed Pro-Life convictions and even claims he “helped to pass new pro-life laws.”  But his dismal record in Austin reveals the truth.

On House Bill 2510, Representative Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) offered a much-needed Pro-Life amendment to close dangerous loopholes in Pro-Life laws in Texas.  In contrast, J.D. Sheffield voted to kill the Pro-Life amendment. If attempting to block Pro-Life amendments aimed at protecting disabled preborn babies is his version of passing new Pro-Life laws, then J.D. Sheffield excelled. 

Pro-Life voters in House District 59 and J.D. Sheffield’s definitions of Pro-Life are obviously different.  When Planned Parenthood praises legislators, liberal democrats are usually the ones accepting their accolades.  However, J.D. Sheffield’s floor speech in support of allowing disabled preborn babies to be brutally dismembered through late abortion prompted a statewide email from Planned Parenthood applauding Sheffield’s stance.

Passing Pro-Life laws does not mean abandoning preborn babies and their families when love and support are needed the most.  Passing Pro-Life laws means giving babies, even babies deemed imperfect by some, a chance to live for as long as they are able – and protecting their right to do so.

During that torturous stump speech on the floor of the Texas House (starting at the 4:14:00 time stamp), Sheffield not only claimed these babies should be “dealt with,” but he asked “Why should the heavy hand of government come into that most heartrending decision?” 

What exactly does passing new Pro-Life laws accomplish if our government is not allowed to protect the most basic right we have – the Right to Life – even for preborn babies with disabilities?

J.D. Sheffield is not concerned with passing new Pro-Life laws, and he is not concerned with representing the strong Pro-Life views of voters in House District 59.  Sheffield would rather protect his name with the Austin establishment and look for more ways to garner Planned Parenthood’s praise.

Planned Parenthood would rather have J.D. Sheffield.  Voters in House District 59 know Brent Graves, the true Pro-Life alternative, is ready to fight for the lives of all Texans.