Diaper Company Grabs Elon Musk’s Attention with Pro-Baby Billboards

Diaper company “EveryLife” earned Elon Musk’s attention on X for its sharp billboard campaign encouraging people to have children. 

Everylife debuted their “Make More Babies” campaign last Wednesday in Times Square featuring a Tweet from Musk that read, “having children is saving the world.” 

The ad ran for 30 minutes straight on a large electronic billboard on January 17, then made regular appearances throughout the next five days. EveryLife kicked off the campaign right before the March for Life in Washington, D.C. 

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When launching the “Make More Babies” campaign, EveryLife posted on X:

“The depopulation agenda is one of the most dangerous and existential ideologies our world has ever faced. Whether the agenda is advanced through abortion, climate change alarmism, or the ‘career advancement above all else’ movement, it completely robs society of what makes life most special: a love for humanity.”

“We believe that lies lead to death and truth leads to life – and the truth is: children are the greatest blessing and the growth of humanity is a good thing,” EveryLife added in their post:

When an X user tagged Musk in a video of the billboard, the tech executive responded, “I had nothing to do with this billboard, but I definitely endorse the message!”

Musk owns “X,” the social media platform formally known as Twitter. In recent years, this dad of eleven has expressed his concern in the human race’s decreasing population. 

According to FOX Business, “The billboard is also accompanied by a video ad combating what EveryLife calls ‘population control ideologies’ that have been pushed in recent years, specifically as a progressive solution to slow down the effects of climate change.”

“There’s a profound need for more children in the world, and EveryLife is here to take a bold stance that we disagree with population control ideologies,” EveryLife co-founder and president Sarah Gabel Seifert told Fox News Digital.

“Our ‘Make More Babies’ campaign isn’t just about promoting our brand — it’s a powerful affirmation of our core conviction that every child is a gift, deserving love, protection, and support. No other diaper company will speak out and say the same,” Seifert added.

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