Democrat Leaders Say “the Right to Abortion is Sacred”

We are clearly fighting a spiritual war in our efforts to end abortion and defend Life.

After news broke of the leaked Supreme Court document suggesting the complete reversal of Roe v. Wade, mass hysteria and outrage erupted from abortion activists across the country. Democrat leaders showed their true hand when many announced yesterday that “the right to abortion is sacred.”

When considering that abortion is the killing of an innocent human child, the idea that “abortion is sacred” is deeply disturbing. If sacred, then what abortion amounts to is the child sacrifice of human babies. Such an idea is clearly demonic.

Responding to Fetterman’s tweet that “abortion is sacred,” one Republican tweeted, “’Sacred’ if Moloch is your god.” Referencing the biblical pagan god Moloch who demanded child sacrifice.

Democrat John Fetterman is not the first to call abortion “sacred.” Along with many others who have expressed similar sentiments the Satanic Temple of Texas have fought for abortion as their sacred “religious right.”

Yesterday, a clearly unhinged pro-abort man called Texas Right to Life, unleashing a tirade of threats and curses on Pro-Lifers. Listening to the message it is hard not to think this kind of hate is not demonically influenced.

Abortion activists marched on the state Capitol yesterday, many holding signs attacking Christianity, one reading “abort the bible.”

The lines have been clearly drawn.

Following the Supreme Court leak the stakes have never been higher for the Pro-Life movement. The left is unleashing pressure and rage like never before to guarantee the supposed “sacred right” to kill babies.

Pro-Lifers CANNOT back down. We must fight harder than ever to defend babies’ Right to Life.

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