Democrat Congresswoman Shares Her Traumatic Forced Abortion Experience

In an interview with PBS, pro-abortion Missouri Democrat Cori Bush shared the traumatic experience of her baby being forcibly aborted after she had changed her mind.

As a vulnerable 19-year-old, Bush went to have her child aborted. Despite it being her second abortion, she had many doubts and fears about the decision.

“Okay, you’ve done this before,” Bush shared the thoughts that were going through her head at the time. “You know the rooms, you know what it looks like, you know what it feels like in this place, you know what to expect. You know that you may even experience even some harm or some racism in this space. I thought I was ready.”

But after she was placed on the table, Bush decided she was not ready to have another abortion.

“I lay there and I started to think, well one, I didn’t tell the father that that was about to happen, and I just felt like I just needed more time. So I just said, ‘No. You know what? I’m not ready.’”

Despite her objections, Bush says that she was ignored by the abortion nurse. “The nurse just, you know, wouldn’t listen to me. And I said ‘no, I’m not ready.” And as I’m saying ‘no,’ they continue to pull the instruments and, you know, get everything ready.”

At this point, Bush shares, she was very distraught, but received no help from the abortionists.

“They absolutely ignored me. Even to the point of, you know, like, ‘calm down,’ as if I was the problem… And so I didn’t really understand, at that point, where I had a voice.”

Bush shared that she began looking around the room for someone who would listen and help her but as she did, “during this time, they put the instrument inside me and started the instrument, and I’m saying ‘no,’ but it was too late, because you couldn’t stop once it started.”

“I felt like it was… ‘You don’t know what you need. You don’t understand, we know better.’”

Tragically, according to testimonies from countless post-abortive women, Bush’s traumatic experience seems to be more the norm than the exception.  

In a recently published testimony, another woman shared her harrowing abortion experience.

“I was strapped to a bed… there were two workers… one on each side of me, and they were holding my hands, and the abortion doctor came in. He did not look at me. He did not speak to me. He simply performed the abortion, and he left the room. When he performed the abortion, I remember hearing my baby being sucked out of my womb… It was very, very painful. The tears were just streaming down my cheeks. I had no words, and I felt such a shame because I had never been treated that way by a doctor.”

Sadly, rather than allowing God to heal her wounds from abortion, Bush continues the cycle of hurt and violence by using her influence to promote abortion. We pray that Bush, and all women, men, and families, hurt by abortion will find peace and hope in Christ and eventually find the strength to stand for Life.

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