Demand justice for the unborn!

Friend —

Just got the shocking word that a Houston Grand Jury refused to indict late-term abortionist Douglas Karpen for committing illegal abortions.

His former employees provided photos of six-month old babies ripped apart by Karpen and stuffed into trash bags. Many of these babies were killed outside of the womb, breathing and trembling. No charges will be filed.

Friend, I've seen a lot of images like this — you probably have too — but these photos are beyond compare. These are our children! Each one of these babies was made in the image and likeness of God only to be excruciatingly torn apart by this angel of death.

These barbaric abortions are the same that Wendy Davis — the abortion extremist running for Texas Governor — defended when she stood on the Texas State Senate floor for 11 hours straight!

The media declared her their national hero when she fought our bill that made it illegal to commit an abortion after five months (20 weeks), when the baby can feel the massive pain delivered by monsters like Karpen.

I recently received a campaign email from her that begins like this: “I care for Texas children…”

No, Wendy, you don't care for children when you fight with everything you have — as you said — to allow an abortionist to chop up babies and throw them away! In fact, you have spent your sordid career making certain the law cannot touch late-term human butchers like Karpen!

Friend, these agents of death are what we're up against. Make no mistake, as the grand jury illustrates, Texas could slide into darkness, especially with a Wendy Davis governorship.

That's why I'm asking you to pitch in and send Texas Right to Life charging into 2014 with an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or even $4,000.

Despite becoming the darling of the media, we can defeat Wendy Davis — we've done it before. But we're facing millions of out-state-dollars flowing into her coffers. 

Defeat Wendy by contributing to our year-end goal of $34,258.

The days are slipping by and donors like you have already joined our fight by contributing $6,050 towards this urgent goal.

There is nothing more precious than innocent human Life. But for the millionaire progressives trying to take over our state, babies in the trash bags of abortion centers is just the start of a campaign of terror on Life.

Get mad; but don’t curse the darkness.

Bring justice for the unborn and join our fight to protect all innocent human Life right now!

Yours for Life,