Demand criminal charges against Planned Parenthood!

Friend —

A new hidden video just came out of a Texas abortion center. I first want to say, we have never been able to get a closer look into the evil work at Planned Parenthood than we have today. This. changes. everything.

Our team gathered when we received word about the release of this new video. As we watched, a technician inside the abortion center grabbed a bag used in an abortion — committed just hours before — and poured the contents into a glass pan for an organ buyer to inspect.

As she dumped the bag, she described the contents as “the twin.” In the dish, we saw bones, intact limbs with fingers and toes, lungs, intestines, the cracked head, and the eyeballs of a twin baby. The technician used her fingers to pick through the baby's ruined body so the organ buyer could examine and determine the quality and monetary value of the organs.

What we observed in that video is criminal and we now have proof that this atrocity has happened in Texas!

On August 13, we will publicly present a criminal case on Planned Parenthood to the highest government officials in Texas. And we will demand prosecution!

Will you sponsor our emergency media conference to present these charges by chipping in $100 or more?

We must act fast. That's because Planned Parenthood is pushing a successful media campaign to normalize their criminal activity. For years, the media has helped to smokescreen them simply as a healthcare organization for women. And Americans have bought this lie for too long! We can now expose them for what they truly care about: money.

They messed with the wrong state.

Unlike on the federal level, the story is different in Texas. Here, we can actually prosecute Planned Parenthood for their crimes within the borders of our state! Will you join with us and demand the criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood with an emergency donation of $100, $250, $500, $1,500, or even $3,500, or more?

Because the media will not investigate Planned Parenthood, we must keep up the pressure so more Texans — and all Americans — see these videos!

Many Texans who were once against us have told us that Planned Parenthood has crossed the line. We are in new territory and we must not miss this rare opportunity where the truth has been exposed! I hope that you will join with us, once again, as we work to save lives and protect women from this evil enterprise.

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Yours for their Lives,