Defend women. Defend Life!

Friend —

Abortion advocates right now in Austin are trying to hijack women's health care.  Under the cover of caring for women, they oppose measures that would reduce risks and strengthen women's health care services.

We can't let this happen.

So all the pro-woman, pro-family, and pro-life organizations have again banded together to stand up to these snakes! We  stand up for women and for their unborn children.

Join us!

>> Texans for Life Coalition, Texas Eagle Forum, The Heidi Group, Concerned Women for America-Texas, Women's Wellness Coalition of Texas, and Texas Right to Life.

Please don't let abortion advocates hijack women's health care.  Women deserve better, and so do their unborn children.

Defend life and real women's health care with us by making a pledge to support five critical pro-woman health bills.

If you're in, please read on…

Please immediately call your representatives and tell them to pass these FIVE bills:


Texas Preborn Pain Bill: HB 2364 by Laubenberg / SB 25 by Hegar

The Preborn Pain Bill will establish the state’s interest in protecting the lives of preborn children who can feel pain. The Preborn Pain Bill would stop abortion at the 20-week mark, sparing these children from excruciating dismemberment during an abortion.

2 Health Insurance Reform: HB 997 by Smithee

The Insurance Reform Bill opts Texans out of paying for abortion coverage in three different benefit structures.


30-Mile Rule: HB 2816 by Burkett / SB 1198 by Taylor

This bill requires abortion doctors to secure admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of each abortion clinic at which he provides abortion.


Abortion Clinics & ASC’s: SB 537 by Campbell

SB 537 requires abortion clinics to operate under the same standards and regulations as ambulatory surgical centers.


Close Loopholes in Judicial Bypass: HB 3302 by Krause

Pregnant minors can petition a judge for permission to undergo a secret abortion without parental involvement. HB 3302 would close many loopholes in the judicial bypass procedure that kill unborn babies, destroy family relationships, and injure pregnant minors.

When you call, you will speak with a staff member who works for your representative.  We're trying to change minds so please be patient with them as you ask them to support these FIVE bills. The person with whom you speak will ask for your name and address and perhaps your phone number.  Please provide that information so they can verify your residency in the district where you live.

We have no time to lose as the abortion advocates oppose all restrictions on abortion.

Defend women. Defend Life!

Thank you for all you do.

Yours for Life,