Defend Pro-Life Texas legislators and protect Life

Friend —

Someone forwarded me a shocking message that I want to share with you.
The news is from a Republican who serves in the Texas House and who waffled on repealing Obamacare if Obama is re-elected.  This lawmaker deflected, claiming that he'd have to check with “a lot of stakeholders” before making a decision.
That's not the leadership that Texans deserve or want.

You and I are the stakeholders, and we do not want government-imposed taxpayer-funded abortion, rationing, or death panels.
Contrast this RINO with Governor Rick Perry who boldly stood for our values and confirmed that he will not implement Obamacare. The leadership example set by Rick Perry is the leadership that state legislators should model.
That’s why we must vote Pro-Life and make Texas RINOs an endangered species!
Will you help me kick out the RINOs who will not stand up to Obamacare?

Texas Right to Life is fighting for to elect a handful of strong Pro-Life leaders who are about to lose their seats to RINOs if we don't help them.
The Texas run-off is on July 31st, and I need your help to fight for victory with a major contribution of $50, $150, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $2,500 right now.
One of the legislators for whom we're fighting just asked me to urgently mail some fliers to remind voters of his outstanding Pro-Life voting record. He made this urgent request because a RINO is running against him and posing as a Pro-Life imposter.

But we can't help him without your support.

By this Friday, will you help me raise $11,440 to cover printing and mailing costs to defend Pro-Life candidates?  We don't have time to lose.

We need to set the record straight about the RINOs lies and protect our strong Pro-Life leaders who have the guts to stand for life, who will commit to stopping Obamacare in Texas.

You and I ARE the stakeholders; the majority of Texans are the stakeholders, and we don’t want government-imposed health care rationing, taxpayer-funded abortion, or death panels.

It's time that our elected politicians hear from us!

Help us elect the strong, gutsy officials with stiff spines who will stand for Life on July 31st.
Please immediately click and follow this link to donate $150, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $2,500 and make sure that we have the funds to print and mail to voters in these close elections and protect our strongest Pro-Life legislators before it's too late.