Defend our pregnancy clinics!

Friend —
Our ally Sylvia Johnson of the Fifth Ward Pregnancy Center just alerted me that pro-abortionists were going to picket one or both of her pregnancy clinics in Houston.
Texas Right to Life staff and I jumped into high gear, immediately driving to the clinics and speaking with the police who vowed to protect the peace and pregnant women.
The pro-abortionists have started a new strategy, and I'm going to fight back. I'm fighting back because I know they are cunning like serpents, and precious lives are at risk.
Suffice to say, the pro-abortionists are emboldened by the November elections that saw conservatives lose the national races.

Pro-abortion protesters lie to women who are abortion-vulnerable to stay away from Pro-Life Pregnancy Clinics, like Sylvia Johnson's.

They now picket outside of pregnancy clinics, hold fallacious signs, and lie to women about the care available from Sylvia and her capable, compassionate counselors.
Friend, Sylvia’s clients are vulnerable women struggling with a decision that most people could never fathom, and pro-abortionists are there to make the decision for them: abort or else!
After Texas Right to Life removed millions of taxpayer funding from the abortion industry, they're fighting like a rat in corner, trying to preserve their lifeblood: the abortion fees garnered from spilling the blood of the innocent.
Will you join me and stand up for pregnancy centers and clinics in Texas?
Don't let our Pro-Life clinics stand alone!
Don't let the bullies win who believe the only answer to an unplanned pregnancy is an abortion!
See what Sylvia said in an interview about our work in the face of battle:

“The support that Texas Right to Life provides me is comforting in knowing that someone has the back of pregnancy centers like this one — that is, Texas Right to Life’s lobbying in Austin helps ensure that pregnancy centers have the funding to serve over 500 women a month and the resources like the Texas Woman's Right to Know [our version of informed consent before an abortion], the new life-saving Sonogram Law — all of these make our job in the pregnancy center a little lighter.”

Friend, when I showed up at Sylvia's clinic after her call for help, she told me that she saw six abortion-vulnerable women, five of whom chose to continue their pregnancies. The sixth still hasn't made her decision, so please pray for her. Supporters like you make this possible.

Sylvia Johnson speaks with police about pro-abortion protesters who are determined to keep abortion-vulnerable women from walking into her pregnancy clinic.

When I see these scared women who think that they have nowhere to turn except a Planned Parenthood abortion mill, and then turn around and walk into Sylvia's clinic, I am energized to fight for Life. Are you?
Will you join me to make this next legislative battle one that protects pregnancy clinics like Sylvia's — clinics that truly protect women?
Please stand for Life, for our pregnancy clinics, and for abortion-vulnerable women who are deceived to believe that Planned Parenthood really cares for them. Help us by immediately clicking and following this link to donate $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or even $2,500.
The legislative session begins on January 8 and lasts for just a few short months. With an emboldened death lobby nipping at the heels of nervous legislators, I can't guarantee success for Sylvia or for us unless your Pro-Life HQ, Texas Right to Life, remains fully-equipped to stay on the battlefront.You might think Texas is an easy state in which to pass Pro-Life legislation. But I promise, new Pro-Life laws are never easy, not even in Texas!

Sylvia Johnson speaks with Jim Graham about protecting women from protesters who lie that her Pro-Life Pregnancy Clinic is a fake clinic.

Our legislative team has achieved a winning record in the past, but many bills that we propose don't even make it out of committee! Stories like Sylvia's are why we never, never walk away. We work day and night to keep funds from fake heath clinics like Planned Parenthood that bully the real clinics where women receive love and help like the Fifth Ward Center.
That's why I'm asking you to once again stand for Life right now and follow this link to donate $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or even $2,500. Help us meet our goal of $25,500 by the end of this year, December 31, so we can fully equip our legislative team for battle in Austin.  
The stakes couldn't be clearer — lives hang in the balance, so please march to Austin with us with an immediate financial contribution, right now!

Yours for Life,