Defeat Obama´s killing machine in Texas with 1,000 Pro-Life radio ads!

Friend —

Professional abortion zealots just sent an email to their supporters that we intercepted today. Here's what it said:

“Republicans have finally realized they can't take Texas for granted anymore.”

Unfortunately, they are absolutely correct.

That's because out-of-state Obama activists are flooding into Texas with millions of dollars and lies to defeat Pro-Life candidates.

Here's what else we found in the message:

“This is not the Texas they're used to seeing in bright red on the map with 38 electoral votes already in their pocket. This is a Texas with incredibly strong Democratic candidates, an energetic army of volunteers adding to the voter rolls, and top-notch organizers who will make sure we're ready to put up a fight.”

Friend, these “incredibly strong Democratic candidates” are trained to NEVER mention their radical extremist abortion agenda to voters!

They know that both Republicans and even Democrats in Texas reject Obama's abortion agenda that tears babies limb from limb!

That's where we come in.

We don't want Texans to learn what these extremists believe ONLY after they're elected when it's too late for the innocent human lives.

With your immediate support, we want to produce and air 1,000 Pro-Life radio ads across Texas in English and in Spanish.

Will you make this happen with an immediate contribution of $25, $100, $250 or more?

We've already seen success when we exposed these professional liars in South Texas!

Here's what we discovered:

For the very first time, Texans in historically Democratic areas along the border heard our ads on the radio and learned what their leading candidate for governor truly believed about abortion.

Once they understood her hidden, radical abortion agenda, voters defeated this strident pro-abortion Democratic candidate for governor in 23 out of the 26 counties!

Radio ads work!

But buying these spots is expensive.

Will you pitch in $100 or more to meet our goal of $36,282 by April 30 so we can expose these forked-tongued abortion activists?

If we lose Texas, we lose the country. Game over.

That's why Obama's political machine has set up a permanent, multi-million dollar operation in our state.

With proof, we know our strategy will expose and defeat their murderous agenda with your immediate contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $3,500 right now.

Yours for Life,