Debate about Texas women´s health plays out on Twitter

Yesterday in a Twitter chat with two pro-abortion Texas state legislators, Planned Parenthood attempted to — once again — play the victim and redefine state defunding efforts against the abortion giant as an attack on women's health.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas welcomed Senator Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio) and Representative Donna Howard (D-Austin), to participate in the chat under the hashtag #TXWomensHealth.

Planned Parenthood has been hurting ever since Texas Right to Life successfully redirected $64.3 million in healthcare funds away from the abortion industry to other, more worthy healthcare agencies. So, Planned Parenthood started the discussion with a lie disguised as a question:

But here's the truth: after budget cuts around the entire state, family planning revenue streams continue to receive approximately $100 million dollars, down from $160 million.

Planned Parenthood continued on and asked Howard and Van de Putte the following question:

The fact of the matter is that Planned Parenthood does not use our tax dollars appropriately: to help women. Nationwide, Planned Parenthood’s own numbers indicate that although their federal funding has increased substantially, the number of cancer screenings they offered fell, while the number of abortions they committed rose, which casts a dark shadow on Howard's next tweet:

Pro-Life activists, however, were ready to dispute the claim that taxpayer dollars do not prop up the abortion industry:

Many people told us during the chat that abortion is a women’s health issue, but apparently we weren’t allowed to talk about that:

Senator Van de Putte didn’t want any of us getting confused:

The truth hurts.

Here's another lie from Planned Parenthood. This time it's about the Women's Health Program, from which Planned Parenthood and other abortion committers were legally excluded in 2011. That was in addition to the $64.2 million blow the abortion industry received through the amended Texas budget.

And here's the truth: Texas did not reject funds from the federal government. The Obama Administration refused to fund the Women's Health Program because his favorite abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, was legally disqualified by the Texas Legislature in 2011. As a result, Texas has revamped the funding of the program so that Texas can continue to offer essential healthcare to low-income women, without subsidizing the abortion industry.

The Obama administration's move to cut off funding to the Women's Health Program begs the question…

Of course, when Texas Right to Life and other Pro-Life groups asked a question, all we heard from the abortion camp were crickets:

Texas Right to Life will continue to combat the lies of the abortion industry and their ilk. Thank you, Students for Life, Susan B. Anthony List, Jill Stanek, Father Frank Pavone, Bryan Kemper, and countless other Pro-Life activists for standing for Life. We appreciate you defending Texas and Texas Right to Life’s work as we work to make Texas a leading Pro-Life state!

Here are a couple highlights: