Dear Obama: a lady´s best part is her mind

Tuesday, the Obama campaign posted a pathetic little meme on its Tumblr page that shows the complete disregard Obama and his lackeys have for the real value of women. 

The meme shows a cartoon woman reaching for something that seems just out of her grasp, (her dignity maybe?) with the words “Vote like your lady parts depend on it” off to her left. 
For the Obama campaign to post such an image, continues to illustrate the complete and utter disrespect he has for women and their intelligence. Barack Obama has fueled the mythical GOP “war on women” by repeatedly trying to light the flame that all American women need to be happy are abortion, birth control, and, apparently, protecting their lady parts – paid for by the government, of course. 
President Barack Obama completely misses the mark when it comes to truly valuing women and knowing what they are capable of accomplishing without the government holding their hands. Women don’t need abortion and abortion-inducing birth control drugs thrown at them to be empowered. We need a country and leaders who will not hold women back from our true potential. As women, we can have it all, without turning our femininity over into the hands of a paternalistic government.
Assuming that women are so single-minded that they can only focus on how a presidential candidate will affect their lady parts is a huge disservice to their years spent fighting misogynistic untruths like those being spread by the Obama campaign.