Deadly games and the price tiny Texans will pay

Our legislative team and I have finished the 9th week of the 20-week 84th Session of the Texas Legislature and are very concerned.

While many politicians campaign on Texas being the most Pro-Life state in America, that’s just not true, and the deadly games in this 84th Session are already worse than ever.  Ever!

In the last 3 Texas legislative sessions, we have watched our state ranking fall from #4 to #10, according to the latest analysis from Americans United for Life.  This is due to the same Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) in leadership who are planning to pass do-nothing, toothless bills or no bills at all on Life.

Moreover, this drop to #10 in Pro-Life rankings does not even reflect the deplorable Texas laws that jeopardize those already born, including the ailing and disabled who are hospitalized.  In Texas, physicians can legally issue a DNR Order (Do-Not-Resuscitate) for you or a loved one without your consent or knowledge if you are hospitalized.

Lastly, during the September 23, 2014 Texas Tribune Tribcast, State Representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas), de facto spokesman of RINO leadership, candidly revealed:

We have to deal with the issues that truly impact everybody… If we get bogged down with issues that are divisive or controversial …we spend cycles, days going through issues that only effect the tiny sliver of the population… So while I’m strongly Pro-Life… going forward if we can focus on transportation and water and public education, I think that’s better for the state than focusing on issues that may be deemed by some to be more controversial.

For RINOs, fixing traffic (and spending more of your tax dollars every year) is so much more important than the slaughter of children.

In these careless comments, Villalba signaled that he and some in House Republican leadership are willing to walk away from the 60,000+ babies in Texas who will be killed by abortion this year and who cry out to him for protection.

Remember, not ONE Pro-Life bill has been passed in the last 4 years that was not forced by Governor Perry.  Governor Perry would never walk away from the tiny Texans out of fear of division or controversy!