Dallas´ Community Beer Company to host abortion celebration on Roe v. Wade anniversary

Some abortion advocates think abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. Some think the decision to abort is one to be made as a last resort. Many women report that they felt coerced into their abortions, and the majority of women report that they felt they had no other options besides abortion. But then there is a group of abortion supporters best described as cheerleaders. These supporters think abortion is an all-around great decision.

Members of the latter faction will be gathering at a Texas brewery on the day America commemorates 42 years of legalized homicide, January 22, to celebrate the date that inaugurated the death sentence of more than56 million American children and counting (as well as many of their mothers). Community Beer Company, a popular Dallas hotspot at 1530 Inspiration Drive, will host the Our Bodies, Our Lives event hosted by NARAL Pro-Choice Texas.  

Attendees will be celebrating Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision which vaguely concluded that abortion on-demand was a woman’s constitutional right in 1973. To achieve their goal of abortion on-demand, most of the justices flippantly brushed aside widespread concerns about the constitutional rights of the other party involved, concluding that the court would “not resolve the difficult question of when life begins” in its majority opinion. This statement was made in spite of ample contemporaneous scientific proof that the answer was and is at fertilization. This culpable ignorance is what abortion advocates nationwide celebrate each year when they remember the decision that gave them abortion on-demand.

Thankfully, Pro-Lifers have their own commemorations of Roe v. Wade on the state and national levels. Walks and rallies take place on or around January 22 all over the country, every year. This year, Texas Right to Life is conducting a digital March for Life and #Tweet4Life Fest.  To learn more about the national March for Life in Washington, DC (which concludes at the very Supreme Courthouse where the ominous decision was handed down), go here.