Country singer releases powerful Pro-Life song about how she was almost aborted

Racheal Lynn Woodward, a singer known by the name RaeLynn, released a powerful Pro-Life song that tells a personal story. The song, “She Chose Me,” is part of RaeLynn’s new Baytown album and was released September 23. In a time when so many celebrities are hostile to Life, RaeLynn tells a story in her song about a mother who chose Life for her baby. 

What makes the song even more powerful is that the baby is RaeLynn, and the woman in the song is her mother who chose Life.

“She Chose Me” opens by describing a “Bible-belt lovin’ believer” who had an extramarital affair and becomes pregnant. RaeLynn sings:

If it went the other way nobody would have blamed her
Think of all the small town talk it would have saved her
She could have chosen one quick fix
To get her out of one big mess
She could have tied a different ribbon to the ending of the story
Coulda kept her secret, gotten out before it
Changed her life, she could’ve changed her mind
And changed everything
But she chose me

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Without embellishment, RaeLynn paints a picture of so many mothers in difficult situations for whom abortion is presented as a solution. Abortion activists ignore the preborn baby and push mothers toward abortion, censoring stories of regret.

RaeLynn’s song, sung by the child in the womb in that abortion decision, shatters the myth that the preborn baby is not worthy of Life. She even describes her mother scheduling her abortion appointment yet changing her mind:

She had it written into her schedule
Like just another thing to do
But that box never got checked off
And I’m sittin’ here livin’ proof

Now, RaeLynn lives a full life because of her mother’s courage:

Me the daughter, me the sister
Me the dreamer with pigtails in pictures
Me the wife, my husband loves
I’m just thankful because

In interviews, RaeLynn describes “She Chose Me” as her “most personal yet.” She shared, “I started asking questions, and I found out some truths that I didn’t necessarily know and it was hard for me to know that my mom almost didn’t choose me, almost decided that she didn’t know if that was the right path for her. But I am so grateful that she decided to keep me and make that decision. If you listen to the song, I can’t imagine what that decision was like being married to somebody and just all those things, but I think the one thing I love about this song so much is it’s not judgmental.”

The singer called Baytown her “most personal” project so far. What is such a personal story for RaeLynn has touched many people. One Instagram user commented, “Pretty sure this is gonna hit home for me as I am a high school ‘oops’ baby and I often think about my parents making that decision to choose me. ????”

This song is not RaeLynn’s first Pro-Life song. The young mom, who gave birth to her daughter, Daisy Rae, at the beginning of September, wrote a song about finding out she was pregnant. The lyrics of “Made for Me to Love” show a much more joyful side of motherhood. RaeLynn sings, “When I watched those two pink lines arrive that Wednesday afternoon / It went from just being me to me being me and you.”

“She Chose Me” is a beautiful reminder that the joyful mother in “Made for Me to Love” owes her Life to the courage of a woman who rejected abortion in a difficult time and welcomed her daughter. Abortion does not only affect the mother but future generations.

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