Could NARAL make taxpayers fund abortion pill?

The pro-abortion organization NARAL has begun a campaign to have birth control placed under the preventative care umbrella of ObamaCare.  If successful, there would no longer be copays required on birth control prescriptions.  While NARAL glorifies what “no-cost” birth control would financially mean for women, Pro-Lifers are aware that there are many more complex issues involved.  NARAL is potentially opening the door for taxpayer funding of not only contraceptives, but abortifacients.  

NARAL’s Birth Control for Me, or BC4ME, campaign involves their website and several social media sites.  A mass email alerted NARAL members that if the Obama administration classifies birth control under preventative care, then it would essentially become “no-cost” for millions of women.  There are already several slogans associated with BC4ME, such as, “women no longer have to choose between birth control or their sex.”  At this point after conception, these drugs should be classified as abortifacients rather than birth control.  These types of “birth control” pills are already becoming more popular in America and include the FDA approved Plan B and Ella.  It also begs the question of what would be NARAL’s next addition to birth control.  How long before they begin to push for the inclusion of abortion drugs such as RU 486 as “preventative” care?  Although that might seem like a considerable jump, keep in mind that Ella is nearly chemically identical to RU 486, just in smaller doses.   

There is also a legitimate legal concern involved if these medications are paid for through ObamaCare.  Under this scenario, taxpayer money that supports ObamaCare could be used for abortifacients.  This would go against current federal law that prohibits federal funding of abortions.  The problem would be in the near impossible task of monitoring which taxpayer funds are used for abortifacients and which or used for other healthcare services across the nation. 

Pro-Life activists need to organize and unite to fight NARAL’s latest attempt to further their anti-life agenda.  This tech-savvy campaign conceals an agenda of increasing federal funding of abortifacients and mainstreaming anti-life choices among the country’s youth.  Pro-Lifers must continue to spread the truth about NARAL and abortion, as well as educate the public on birth control as abortifacients