Comprehending the impact of the abortion death toll in America

Since elective abortion on-demand was federally legalized in the United States in 1973, tens of millions of lives have been violently ended in the skewed perception of privacy rights.  In fact, today the death toll approaches sixty million.

The magnitude of this number is impossible for the brain to process.  Sixty million children who never went to school, made friends, or explored the world around them.  Sixty million adults who never got married, found a career path, or had children of their own.  Sixty million human beings who were never afforded human dignity by the laws of their country.  Each a unique boy or girl – man or woman – whose Life was snuffed out in an unconscionable act of violence.  Indeed, the number is incomprehensible.  Thus, Pro-Life advocates work to bring awareness to the breathtaking impact of abortion on America.

In 2014, Life Dynamics produced the following video.  In the video, each bead represents 1,000 Lives lost.  Jar after jar after jar is filled with beads as the incomprehensible death toll of abortion is portrayed.  “The only crime these children committed,” says Life Dynamics, “was being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The same year, a group of young Pro-Lifers released a beautiful memorial of the millions of preborn who have lost their lives to abortion in America.  “Every day, thousands of tiny bodies that still have a heart no longer have a beat,” says the speaker in the video, who is an abortion survivor himself.  “Listen to the beat.”  The video’s drum beats represent the number of Lives lost to abortion every single day.  The video’s closing message?  If you think the thousands who die at the hands of American abortionists every day is a lot, the convicting reality is that the death toll will be repeated tomorrow – and every single day until Pro-Lifers achieve our goal of ending abortion.

In 2013, Oregon Right to Life produced a sobering video reflecting the abortion death toll in contrast to the American population.  Watch as state after state disappears from the map of America.  And then consider that nearly five million more children have died in abortions since this video was released (meaning that in an updated video, South Carolina would be eliminated from the final map):

Abortion continues to wreak catastrophic, reverberating effects on America.  Let us consider this final thought: if we offered a moment of silence for each child lost to abortion in America since Roe v. Wade, we would be silent for almost 115 years.