Coming soon: Pro-Life Legislative Scorecards

Now that the 84th Texas Legislative Session has drawn to a close, Accountability Season is already upon us – a.k.a. campaigns.  Your Texas Right to Life legislative team is in a unique position to discern the important races affecting the Pro-Life cause – the team has a front row seat at the Capitol and knows which legislators fight for Life behind-the-scenes and which legislators thwart Pro-Life efforts every step of the way.

As the political world looks toward the next round of Republican Primary elections, others may wonder, “Didn’t we just haveelections?!”  Yes, the November 2014 elections and Wendy Davis’ failed gubernatorial bid are less than a year behind us.  However, campaigning for Texas Republican Primaries is already in full swing, and for good reason.

Why should Texas Pro-Lifers care about the Republican Primary elections?

Aren’t the Democrats more dangerous for the preborn and for vulnerable patients?  For state politics, the answer is a resounding no.  The Republican Party of Texas platform clearly outlines the protection of innocent human Life – from conception until natural death.  Those who run by placing an “R” behind their name must either uphold these ideals or be denied public office.  The most dangerous elected official is the one who runs on a platform he works against behind closed doors.

At least the anti-Life Democrats are open and honest.

Two pools of candidates have already emerged this election cycle: 1) Candidates who aim to oust committed Pro-Life legislators who are not simply “Pro-Life” during public votes (when the cameras are on), but who instead fight behind closed doors to advance the cause at every turn; and 2) Candidates dedicated to cleansing the legislature of the pseudo-Republicans – the RINOS who care more about politics than policy

At the end of this week, Texas Right to Life will be releasing the Pro-Life 84th Legislative Session Scorecard.  In the compilation, Pro-Life Texans will be able to see where each State Representative and State Senator stood in protecting the preborn, disabled, and the elderly.  Each week after the Scorecards are released, Texas Right to Life will offer an in-depth look at certain legislators – explaining the actions represented on the Scorecard and providing an inside look at what really happened in the 84th.

Pro-Life Texans will know who the courageous Defenders of Life are, and pinpoint the ones who failed to make the grade.