College Students Building a Culture of Life at Houston Baptist University

Being a Texas Right to Life College Fellow has been the catalyst to many amazing Pro-Life experiences and awesome life-saving work I’ve gotten to help with.

As a Fellow, I am incredibly grateful to have defended Life as the social media and public relations officer with the Pro-Life Huskies, Houston Baptist University’s (HBU) Pro-Life club.

My role with the Pro-Life Huskies was vital this past school year as our club focused on community and campus outreach to touch the hearts and minds of students and call them to action. We held many successful “tabling” events at which we would dialogue with students on campus about Pro-Life issues.

Pro-Life Huskies members engaging with other students about Pro-Life issues at a “tabling” event

Though we are a Christian university our campus has many students who are on the fence about abortion, many claiming to be “personally Pro-Life” but “pro-choice” in practice. Our tabling events helped students think through abortion issues and have open conversations about Life. Through tabling we were even able to get new students involved with our Pro-Life work!

Our club also had the honor of volunteering several times for LifeHouse Maternity Home. For Valentine’s Day we got to have some fun making cards for the moms at the home.

We called attention to the destruction of abortion through our “Cemetery of Innocents” display. This event was also a success as we were joined by new freshmen members who helped us set up crosses for the display.

After fundraising throughout the year to support pregnant and parenting students, we ended the semester with a pregnant and parenting Mother’s Day picnic! It was a beautiful time to celebrate the accomplishments of one of our moms as well as reconnect with alumni.

Pro-Life Huskies at their Pregnant and Parenting Mother’s Day Picnic

Extending my Pro-Life activism to other areas of my academic life, I was honored to help with HBU’s Student Life committee food pantry initiative on which I have the role of ensuring there is a section for pregnant and parenting student resources.

As the next semester approaches, I plan on continuing to build up the Pro-Life movement by growing Pro-Life Huskies’ membership, increasing our events, and having more conversations at tabling events. This has been an amazing school year! It is my hope that I can continue doing more Pro-Life work on and off-campus and growing the school’s resources for our pregnant and parenting community.

Join the pledge to pray for our nation and an end to abortion!

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