CO Planned Parenthood admits there´s "no reason to believe" they were targeted by shooter

Over the weekend, citizens of Colorado Springs lost a police officer and two civilians in a one-man shooting rampage that spanned hours.  According to reports, the rampage may have been precipitated by a failed robbery at a nearby bank, although early details of the timeline are murky.  The motive of the shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, is still unknown; however, more details may come to light after Dear’s first appearance before El Paso County Court judge Gilbert Martinez on Monday afternoon. 

The only information currently available to the public is the shooter’s identity, a rough timeline of the rampage, and the number of victims (3 dead and 9 injured).  However, a lack of facts has not prevented abortion proponents from twisting the narrative to propel their agenda.  In a despicable display of cold-heartedness towards victims and their families, Planned Parenthood even used the incident to fundraise by proliferating their characterization of Pro-Lifers as extremists and “domestic terrorists.”

While Planned Parenthood has no qualms about abusing the tragedy for fiscal gain, the organization cannot seem to get their talking points straight.  President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Vicki Cowart, told CNN that Planned Parenthood has “no reason to believe that this center was targeted for anything at all.”  Unsurprisingly, there was no mention of abortion in the CNN interview-turned-PR-opportunity in which Cowart mentioned cancer screenings, breast exams, and their “excellent safety record.”  This is the same Planned Parenthood affiliate that was exposed for rewarding abortion mills for meeting established abortion quotas.  In another, much more ominous statement by Cowart, the organization did an about-face, stating in no uncertain terms that Dear “was motivated by opposition to safe and legal abortion.”  

Likewise, anti-Life pandemonium broke out on social media as pundits pounced on the opportunity to spin the shooting to fit their bizarre narrative.  Individual pundits, abortion-affiliated organizations, and liberal media quickly concluded – based on no evidence whatsoever – that Planned Parenthood was being targeted by an anti-abortion terrorist.  They spent the next several hours gleefully accusing the Pro-Life movement of domestic terrorism.  A vigil to “denounce abortion terrorism” will take place at the Supreme Court, and NARAL Pro-Choice America started a petition against the “domestic terrorism” of clinic violence.

Meanwhile, Pro-Life organizations everywhere successively denounced the shooting and all violence – including the horrific barbarism that goes on inside of Planned Parenthood, sans sensationalist media reporting, every day.