CMP releases more footage of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast meeting: "it´s all sent away once a week for incineration"

The Center for Medical Progress has released a new video with more footage from their meeting with Melissa “Missy” Farrell of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (PPGC) in Houston.  The portion of the conversation, which was omitted from the full footage due to an export error, encompasses how Planned Parenthood purposely delivers “intact” preborn children explicitly to meet the needs of researchers, and how dead children not needed for research are identified and discarded. 

Farrell reads to the CMP investigators from a protocol form which states that the bodies of preborn children (after they have been picked-through for saleable parts) are placed in one receptacle and sent away to be burned to ashes.  Farrell reads:

For POC [products of conception]that are less than sixteen weeks after the procedure it’s evaluated either in a syringe or in a non-sterile glass jar via the vacuum pump.  It’s processed in the lab.  It’s a non-sterile process unless it’s evidence collection…  Tissue is washed through a strainer and placed in a glass tray.  The tray sits on top of an x-ray box and is floated with water.  The transparence makes the identification of all the parts easier.  After the physician has confirmed the tissue correlates with gestational age, the tissue is placed in a biohazard container and gets discarded into a single container and then is placed in the freezer.  Anything after six weeks is immediately placed in the freezer after the procedure and it’s all sent away once a week for incineration.

Farrell matter-of-factly explains that PPGC follows an a la cart budget which includes “different specimen types” – meaning that body parts and tissues are ticketed for sale individually.  She later explains that Planned Parenthood abortionists can deliver an “intact specimen” “when it matters.”  This is a straightforward admission that abortionists at PPGC alter abortion methods to accommodate needs unrelated to the woman’s health – which is explicitly illegal.  Farrell explains:

But it’s something that we could look at exploring how we can make that happen so we have a higher chance [of delivering intact preborn children].  It’ll probably also require a little bit of input from the doctor.  Because the doctors are the ones asking to, really be doing that, you know, when it matters, and the cases where it’s mattered and the physicians have needed an intact specimen.  So, we can make it happen.

Here, Farrell essentially acknowledges that the medical side of obtaining intact preborn children is easy and commonplace.  “We just need to figure out how that we can do this under our project needs,” she concludes – again, Planned Parenthood proves that their budget and profit margin are of primary importance.