Clear the smoke and expose Wendy Davis´ extremist abortion agenda across Texas!

Friend –

A ticket for a barbecue with Willie Nelson could be yours if you just give Wendy Davis, the Abortion Queen, some money so she can enter your name into a raffle.

So as she and her growing army of Obama operatives spend a smoke-filled night with Willie, trying to forget her unapologetic, legendary filibuster for unrestricted late-term abortion, Texas Right to Life plans to remind Texans what Wendy is all about.

Davis is about abortion. Plain and simple: sacrificing children on the altar of choice.

Davis virulently defends the killing of unborn children, arguing abortion is “sacred ground” that should never be touched by legislation.
Wendy can't win on her record so she is now trying to hide her real history behind celebrities.

She even made the outrageous claim that she's Pro-Life!

We need to make sure that not even a haze-filled dinner with Willie Nelson will make her record disappear in a big puff of smoke!

Pitch in $100 or more so we can remind every Texan about the real Wendy Davis and her extremist abortion agenda!

Already, supporters like you have contributed $5,140 to the first phase of our media effort: radio ads across Texas.

You know that airing these spots is very expensive. But media works. That's why we must raise $36,282 by April 30.

When our radio ads aired in south Texas — a Democratic stronghold, we discovered that the ads are more powerful than anyone imagined!

We saw the numbers before and after our ads exposing Wendy.  The success of our media campaign even shocked us.

After people in the Valley who probably have NEVER been told the truth about Wendy Davis heard our ads, Democrats rejected Wendy in 24 of the 26 counties in South Texas.

Join Texas Right to Life and send Wendy on the road again with Willie.

Will you sponsor this urgent campaign so we can air more radio ads by clicking and following this link to contribute $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $3,000?

Time is running short.

The war waged by Wendy and her abortion zealots to take over Texas is intensifying every day.

Hollywood and the liberal media are covering the record and agenda of Davis and her abortion allies so they can turn Texas into an abortion state — their dream.

But with your immediate support, we won't let this nightmare come true.

Help us clear the smoke. Don’t let Wendy and Willie barbecue the truth.

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Yours for life,