City of Budapest finds eight individuals guilty of harvesting aborted children for cosmetic treatments

Callous opportunists in Budapest, Hungary, have been found guilty of illegally harvesting tissue and stem cells from preborn children killed in abortion and using them in cosmetic procedures.  Eight perpetrators were charged after being arrested in 2009.

They worked for a plastic surgery clinic where hundreds of individuals paid $25,000 each to be injected with the harvested matter for cosmetic purposes, in a procedure that was not approved for use by medical authorities.  Attorneys with the Alliance Defending Freedom International (ADF) filed an amicus brief in which they condemned the actions of the harvesters.  ADF Attorney Roger Kiska stated: “A civilized society values the precious lives of children and does not reduce them to commodities in elective cosmetic procedures.”

The commoditization of preborn children is a growing problem internationally.  We have seen the effects of this tragic trend not only in the use of aborted children for cosmetics, but also in their utilization for the initial creation of vaccine lines, in embryo-freezing, and in vitro fertilization (IVF) sagas, surrogacy agreements gone horribly wrong, and the harvesting of aborted babies’ organs for sale on the black market.  In every case, problems stem from the fact that the parties involved all viewed helpless human beings as their property or as commodities to be used and disposed of at-will, instead of affording them the dignity owed to every human Life.  

In addition to standing up for the preborn children victimized by the Budapest opportunists, ADF condemned the plastic surgery clinic’s disregard for their own clients, since the procedure was never approved or studied by competent authorities.  The brief states:

As Alliance Defending Freedom does not have competency in the area of illegal medical or bio-engineered research and treatments, this brief will not delve into the details of criminal sanctions as relates to the defendants’ activities in injecting the embryonic stem cells and tissues into patients without prior approval from the competent government ministry based on certifiable evidence and research that such treatments would not cause serious bodily harm or mortality to the clients being treated with the injections.  Suffice it to say however, such gross negligence and willful disregard for patient safety should be considered tantamount to attempted homicide.

Perhaps expecting medical “professionals” to treat their patients with human dignity, when their disregard for human Life has already been proven in their treatment of innocent preborn children, is too much to expect.  ADF recommended that the court punish the perpetrators with “the most serious” sentence possible, stating: “…the gross negligence involved in the treatments and utter disdain for both the human life of the aborted children or the clients, all for the sole purpose of financial profit, should be punished with the most serious sentences available to this court.”