Chris Dunn´s mother thanks Texas Right to Life for their support

Houston, Texas- December 14, 2015: Evelyn Kelly, Chris Dunn’s mother and medical decision maker, continues to fight for Chris’s life-sustaining care.  Chris is currently combatting a death sentence at Houston Methodist Hospital.  Methodist has invoked the statutory process found in the Texas Advanced Directives Act (TADA-Chapter 166.046 of the Health & Safety Code), which allows the hospital to override medical directives of a patient and provide only ten days’ notice before involuntarily withdrawing life-sustaining treatment.  Chris’s only recourse is to find another facility that will offer him an ICU bed – a daunting task on a rushed time frame for anyone, but even more so when the hospital has determined to end your life.

Additionally, last week Texas Right to Life learned that Justine Moore, an employee of Methodist Hospital, applied to be Chris’s Permanent Guardian.  As Evelyn’s attorneys note, Chris lived with his mother before his illness and has since indicated that he would prefer her to speak on his behalf before anyone else.  Furthermore, as a former EMT, Chris is well aware of what life-sustaining treatment entails.  When asked explicitly if he wants to continue receiving such care, he clearly communicated that he does.

In November when the hospital initially attempted to remove care, Evelyn contacted John Seago, legislative director of Texas Right to Life.  Seago and Texas Right to Life have assisted the family in the difficult legal process and offered referral for legal assistance.  Evelyn said that she and Chris are thankful for the work of Texas Right to Life on their behalf.  “I’ve got people trying to take my son’s life.  Texas Right to Life is trying to save my son’s life.  John Seago has done everything he’s said he would do and beyond to save Chris.”  She also said, “We would have already been to Chris’s funeral if not for Texas Right to Life.”

Texas Right to Life continues to assist Evelyn and Chris in seeking continued medical care.