Congressman Chip Roy Introduces the “No Taxpayer Funding for the U.N. Population Fund Act”

Joe Biden and the radically anti-Life Democrats are pushing ever more aggressive abortion agendas. Despite this, Congressman Chip Roy (R-San Antonio) is proving himself a stalwart defender of Life in Washington, D.C. 

U.S. Representative Roy introduced yesterday the “No Taxpayer Funding for the U.N. Population Fund Act,” to cease tax dollar funding of the abortion-tainted United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The days since President Donald Trump’s Pro-Life policies may already seem like ages ago. 

Upon taking office, Biden immediately set to work undoing the Life-saving policies enacted by the Trump administration. One such anti-Life action taken by Biden was his directive to resume U.S. taxpayer funding of the U.N. Population Fund. 

The UNFPA is an international organization purportedly dedicated to promoting global “sexual and reproductive health.” But the truth is that the UNFPA is an abortion organization with known involvement in restrictive foreign population control policies and ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

Realizing the great evil of partnering with repressive regimes such as the CCP to advance diabolical policies like restrictive population control, President Trump cut taxpayer funding to the UNFPA in 2017. 

Trump’s decision saved lives across the world. His action was also rooted in precedent as Trump invoked the Kemp-Kasten Amendment, first enacted in 1985 and previously invoked by President Ronald Reagan, to suspend funding to the UNFPA. 

The Kemp-Kasten Amendment states that no U.S. funds may be made available to “any organization or program which, as determined by the President of the United States, supports or participates in the management of a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization.” 

Biden directed the State Department to restore taxpayer funding to the UNFPA, despite its known ties with the Chinese Communist Party.

Apparently, the Biden administration has no qualms with sending hard-earned American tax dollars to organizations that promote, perhaps even impose, coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization. Amidst a seemingly unending onslaught of executive action, Biden has quietly resumed funding to the disgraceful UNFPA. 

Congressman Roy and 40 House Republicans alongside him are brave enough to stand up to Biden’s appalling abortion agenda. 

The bill introduced to Congress yesterday by Chip Roy would stipulate that no taxpayer funds can be used either directly or indirectly by any department or agency to contribute to the CCP-tainted UNFPA. 

The sophomore representative Chip Roy faces an uphill battle to enact Pro-Life legislation in what has become a rabidly anti-Life federal government. Nevertheless, Representative Roy is unwilling to concede defeat and wait around for friendlier times. 

A man of conviction, Roy knows that words mean nothing unless they are backed by action. The people Roy represents in central Texas are true God-fearing, Pro-Life Texans who demand action be taken to protect the preborn from the predations of the anti-Life Democrats. 

Like Trump and so many Texans, Roy detests the D.C. swamp and the political games played by lukewarm Republicans. 

We commend Congressman Chip Roy for his brave ACTION to introduce the “No Taxpayer Funding for the U.N. Population Fund Act.” Texas Right to Life, along with the people of Texas, are proud to have a man of faith and action representing Texas’ Congressional District 21.



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