Charles Byrn: Pro-Life Ambassador in Taylor County

Do you live in West Texas and want to become involved in your local Pro-Life community, but aren’t sure where to begin? We have great news! Please welcome Charles Byrn, the new Texas Right to Life Ambassador for Taylor County!

The Texas Right to Life Ambassador Program is a Pro-Life volunteer team, equipping citizens county-by-county to lead their neighbors in stopping abortion and euthanasia. We recruit, train and equip you to start saving lives in your community.

Charles has seen the need for the church in Abilene to engage with the issue of abortion. He has led several trips to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex to pray and counsel outside of abortion clinics, each time bringing more and more members of his church to witness the desperate need to save lives. He also recently begun a prayer ministry called “End Abortion 24/7” for which he puts out a call each week on social media for Christians to stop and pray for the end of abortion in their city, state, and nation.

Charles was originally drawn to become more active in the Pro-Life movement after concerns were raised that Planned Parenthood may re-establish a presence in Abilene. Charles knew he could not sit and wait for the industry of death to begin operating in his community before he took action, so in July 2019 he first presented the “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” ordinance before the Abilene City Council. Although the city council has been slow to act on the issue, Charles has been relentless in continuing to call attention to the need for a deterrent to the abortion industry in Abilene.

In the fall of 2019, Charles decided to join the ranks of the Texas Right to Life Ambassadors to continue making a difference for Life in his community. As a member of West Texans for Life, an Abilene-based Pro-Life organization, Charles started their first fundraiser in several years to increase the group’s impact in assisting pregnancy centers and educating the community about Pro-Life issues. 

He has been especially active in the political arena, as his passion is to see Pro-Life policies enacted into law at all levels of government. In order to ensure the elected officials who represent the people of Abilene also represent their strong Pro-Life values, Charles assisted Texas Right to Life PAC in interviewing Mayor Anthony Williams for his re-election campaign. And he has been a vocal force for Life in his precinct and county conventions, ensuring that strong language protecting preborn children, vulnerable patients, and holding elected officials accountable to their Pro-Life constituents is included in the resolutions passed by the Taylor County Republican Party.

The Texas Right to Life Ambassador Program is thankful for Charles’s many efforts to build the Culture of Life in Abilene and the surrounding area! 

If you are in Taylor County and would like to join Charles’s efforts, email him at

More and more Texas Pro-Lifers are joining our ranks through this vital volunteer opportunity; if you would like to be one of them, please call 713-782-5433 or email to request to apply.