Chapter update December 2019

Over the last 14 years, Montgomery County Right to Life (MCRTL), a chapter of Texas Right to Life (TXRTL), has touched thousands of lives with their prayer initiatives, four Pro-Life student contests, high-profile billboard campaigns, unique Pro-Life prison ministry,  and participation in the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship program.

Leaders of MCRTL have decided to start a new Pro-Life organization, LifeFirst, Inc., that will serve Montgomery County and adjacent counties.  TXRTL will continue Pro-Life educational, legislative and political efforts both statewide and in Montgomery County. As of December 1, 2019, MCRTL has been dissolved. 

The two distinct organizations, TXRTL and LifeFirst, Inc. will each strive toward the shared goal of building the Culture of Life in Texas.

You can find more information about both organizations at their websites: and