Cecile Richards, head of America´s biggest abortion biz, earns ´Glamour´ mag´s top award

Just when Planned Parenthood’s atrocious behavior begins to be exposed to the public, Glamour magazine comes to the abortion giant’s PR rescue.  The women’s lifestyle magazine bestowed upon Planned Parenthood’s top official, embattled CEO Cecile Richards, one of their twenty-five “Woman of the Year” awards for 2015.  

The magazine feature recycles debunked soundbites about the number of non-abortion services Planned Parenthood provides, and repeats the “3%” myth Planned Parenthood created to give the appearance that abortion is just a small sliver of the Planned Parenthood services pie (false). 

Glamour focused largely on Planned Parenthood’s strained relationship with the federal government, but underscored President Obama’s unyielding commitment to Richards and her pals.  The magazine’s fawning over Planned Parenthood, while exuberant, is outdone by that of President Obama, who – according to the piece– personally called Richards when the HHS Mandate (the contentious rule which forces all health insurance plans to cover 100% of women’s contraceptives), went into effect.  The move was another guarantee of the federal government’s seemingly unbounded commitment to bankroll Planned Parenthood with public money.  Until the Center for Medical Progress revealed the ugly business of the organization in mid-July, that is.

That’s when Planned Parenthood’s days on Easy Street came to a dramatic halt.  Suddenly, the organization which had operated without government oversight for years was besieged by state and federal investigations.  Their façade of providing women’s health and nothing but women’s health so-help-them was shattered, and a quick glance at YouTube yielded raw footage of Planned Parenthood’s top officials laughing about how they crush preborn children; bargaining over the price of baby body parts; and admitting that public knowledge of their real business model would be a PR nightmare.

American taxpayers called the ensuing investigations fair and reasonable.  Glamour calls them martyrdom.  “It [potentially Defunding Planned Parenthood]would all be quite a weight for one woman to carry on her shoulders, but Richards doesn't feel alone.  ‘There's not a mother in the world who wants her daughter to have fewer rights than she did—and for me, it's the 2.7 million people Planned Parenthood serves each year who make everything I advocate for possible,’ she says.” 

Conveniently, both Richards and Glamour have the luxury of utter flippancy towards the roughly three hundred thousand preborn children who die within Planned Parenthood facilities every year.  While the brave look at their mangled bodies floating in glass pie dishes in the CMP videos and are galvanized to action on their behalf, Richards and her fawning posse are content to refer to the preborn collateral damage of their deathly agenda as “terminated pregnancies,” whose deaths, they believe, are the relatively insignificant price of convenience.

Richards leads an organization predicated on the guarantee that people can be convinced that Life really has no fundamental value; this is how Planned Parenthood sells abortions.  There is tragic irony, then, in Richards acknowledging that she understands the value of her own life.  As she tells Glamour, this very cognizance was the driving force behind her quest to stand at the helm of Planned Parenthood [emphasis added]:  “I almost didn't go to the interview… [But] I remembered the most important lesson my mother taught me.  She said, 'This is the only life you have.  You have one chance to make a difference in the world.  There are no do-overs.  So do it now.'”

We shouldn’t be too surprised by Glamour’s choice of Richards.  Avid Planned Parenthood cheerleader Lena Dunham—whose résumé includes proudly admitting to sexually abusing her younger sister, creating the raunchy TV show Girls, and dressing up as a Planned Parenthood abortionist for Halloween last week—was Glamour’s Woman of the Year in 2012.