Carly Fiorina: Has Hillary Clinton had the courage to watch Planned Parenthood videos?

Ironically, Planned Parenthood’s most avid defenders in the wake of video evidence of illegal activity within the organization have been political pundits who seem to have very little interest in examining any actual evidence against the organization.  Instead, they have opted to proclaim Planned Parenthood innocent regardless of the facts and footage might relay.

Notable among supporters have been the White House and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.  The White House candidly admits to having no interest in viewing footage from the Center for Medical Progress in which Planned Parenthood and their allies admit to breaking the law regularly.  Clinton, too, has opted to repeat Planned Parenthood’s own talking points on the videos while gushing over the organization and peppering her comments with frequent reminders of the so-called Republican war on women.

Clinton went further with the “war” rhetoric last week by likening Republicans to terrorists.  Clinton’s arch political nemesis, Pro-Life female presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, minced no words in responding to Clinton’s latest buffoonery in an appearance on national television.  “Hillary Clinton has no qualms about continuing to try and wage the supposed war on women card as she runs for president,” said Fiorina.  “We ought to expect this. […] and she continues to defend Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood can no longer be defended, and yet Hillary Clinton is out there defending them.”

The no-nonsense Fiorina noted that Clinton seems out of touch with the actual content of the damning CMP videos, saying: “It’s unclear that she’s ever had the courage to watch these video tapes, to actually see what Planned Parenthood is doing.”  In fact, few abortion defenders have had the courage to watch the footage, while the ones who have leave the experience siding with Pro-Lifers on one point: Planned Parenthood is not the innocent women’s health provider they claim to be.

Watch Fiorina’s response below: