Candidates inaccurately portray themselves as Pro-Life

From December 3 to January 4, candidates from across Texas filed to run for office. Beginning on January 5, Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee (TRTLPAC) stepped into high gear, gathering information from various party offices across the state, and prepared questionnaires for all eligible candidates. The questions ranged from the obvious, regarding the candidate's views on the beginning of life, to more nuanced inquiries on the treatment of patients in hospitals. 

After a questionnaire was returned, TRTLPAC scheduled the candidate for an in-person interview. While it is fortunate that the political climate in Texas is such that being Pro-Life is an asset and not a disadvantage, the flip side is that candidates who are not Pro-Life may inaccurately portray their beliefs to win favor with voters. Texas Right to Life spent considerable time and resources traveling around the state and meeting with the candidates to ensure, as much as possible, that professed Pro-Life views are in fact true. Texas is unlike some other states, in that there are many Pro-Life candidates running, but if Pro-Life voters fail to go to the polls within the next month, none of this matters. 

We cannot squander the prospect to make great gains this election cycle. Pro-Lifers must show up in strong numbers to vote. Please seize the opportunity and go vote in the Primary Election! Please also take your family and friends to vote as well. With your help, we can put Texas and the Nation on the right track this year and it all begins right now. Early voting begins Tuesday, February 16 and runs through Friday, February 26. Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 2.