Can´t we fund one without the other?

Once upon a time, a company was selling nuclear weapons to common citizens, and, on the side, they also sold cars.  On the right side, people wanted to put the company out of business to stop the harm and hatred.  On the wrong—I mean, left—side, people were shouting, “If you shut them down, no one will have a car!” ignoring the thousands of factories that produce high quality cars.  

This is how people are talking about Planned Parenthood and women’s healthcare.  I seriously don’t understand.  There are thousands of healthcare centers across the nation that provide high quality healthcare for women.  Planned Parenthood isn’t the only free healthcare available, as some claim.

Even ifPlanned Parenthood were the only available free healthcare, which is not the case, but hypothetically, if this were true, they were caught red-handed.  Planned Parenthood is not ethical and is not abiding by the law.  There is all this ruckus about whether or not the government should fund this controversial, abortion company, the largest abortion business in the nation.  If the government continues to fund Planned Parenthood, these atrocities will continue.  Planned Parenthood would be above the law and could do whatever the hell they wanted.  If the government redirects funding to other existing healthcare services or funds a project creating a new ethical healthcare organization, all the commotion could end.

Seriously, all Planned Parenthood has done is “empty wombs” (A.K.A. murdering tiny people) and refer women with real health problems to legitimate healthcare providers.  I honestly don’t know why people “stand with Planned Parenthood” when they are breaking the law and disregarding human Life.