Call to action: Prevent Straus’ sunset and sine die strategy

Tell your representative to VOTE AGAINST Straus’ obstructionist motion to sine die before the special session agenda is passed, including Pro-Life priorities.

An insidious phrase has been circling the Texas political landscape in the last few days: Sunset and sine die.  This phrase is the not-so-subtle rallying cry for those who view the obstructionism that ruled the recently-concluded regular session as an example of good government.  What does “sunset and sine die” mean?  Simply that some members in the Texas House of Representatives and the left-leaning press corps would prefer the House pass the first item on the special session call – a bill continuing several state agencies, including the Texas Medical Board (TMB) – and sine die (meaning to go home).  When the President of the Senate (Lieutenant Governor) or the Speaker of the House adjourns his respective chamber sine die (Latin for “without day”), they are dismissing their chamber from the current legislative session and signaling their work is done.

Special sessions are limited to 30 days and the Pro-Life movement has no time for error.  Without engaged voters committed to holding the House accountable, Pro-Life priorities could be killed (for a second time this year) in the blink of an eye.  Please tell your House members: “Not on my watch.”

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