California Governor Runs Ads Attacking Texas Pro-Life Laws

California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat rumored to have presidential hopes, is running full page ads in Texas newspapers attacking the state’s Pro-Life laws, most especially the Texas Heartbeat Act. 

The ads placed in Houston, Austin, and El Paso newspapers take shots at the governor of Texas’ quote during the signing of S.B. 8, the Texas Heartbeat Act. 

“Our creator endowed us with the Right to Life. And yet… Children lose their Right to Life every year because of abortion gun violence. In Texas California, we work to save those lives. –Governor Greg Abbott Gavin Newsom,” the ad reads. 

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Newsom also ran ads attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his Pro-Life policies, announcing to Floridians, “freedom is under attack in your state.” 

After some very rocky years in which he faced a citizen-led impeachment vote and bipartisan criticism for his handling of COVID, Newsom is looking to regain his popularity amongst his leftist base. 

The California governor is pushing an increasingly radical abortion agenda in the state. Now, Newsom has expressed his intent to turn California into a destination for “abortion tourism.” 

Responding to the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe, Newsom stated he wanted to send “a clear message that California will continue to be a safe haven for all women seeking reproductive health care services in our state.”

Attempting to appeal to his extremist base, Newsom’s administration has been pushing legislation to continue expanding taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion travel.

In taking shots at Republican governors, Newsom is self-righteously grandstanding while ignoring the literally hundreds of thousands of innocent California children brutally murdered by abortion. 

In 2017, approximately 862,320 abortions were committed in California. With Newsom’s radical abortion policies in place, those numbers are only expected to rise. 

Texans must stand against these anti-Life attempts to subvert our Pro-Life laws and continue to defend Life no matter the vitriol from the left.  

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