Bogus Study Exploits Assault Survivors to Justify Abortion

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) released a study this month claiming that after the reversal of Roe v. Wade in June 2022, there have been around 65,000 rape-related pregnancies in the 14 states that protect preborn children from abortion from the moment of fertilization.

For Texas, the study estimates the sum at 26,313. Researchers claim the number is so high because these states do not include exceptions for abortion in instances of sexual assault, and that women are therefore being forced to continue a pregnancy that could be traumatic. 

While this study’s assertions are initially shocking, this study has several concerning flaws, clearly pointed out by Dr. Michael New.

First, the authors are overtly biased: one is a Montana abortionist and another has worked for a pro-abortion think tank.

Second, the estimate of around 12.5% of rapes result in a pregnancy is a very high assumption that is not backed up by other published studies.

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Third, the statics for rape are inconsistent across data, making such a study harder to analyze; however, this disparity among data is not even acknowledged by the study’s authors.

Fourth, the calculations and estimates used in this study are not consistent with other surveys, even anti-Life surveys, and estimates for how many women seek abortion because of rape. 

While this study and its assertions are flawed, it still raises the important point that survivors of such trauma deserve our full attention, compassion, and resources for healing. Yet, as we comfort these women we should not ever advocate for creating a second victim through promoting abortion as the answer. This will not help women heal

Those perpetrating such violent crimes most certainly should pay to the full extent of the law for their horrendous actions. Children conceived under this circumstance are guiltless and do not deserve to have their life prematurely ended because of another’s crime. They are still as fully human as any other human being, worthy of our legal protection and moral attention. 

This JAMA article could not be more anti-woman, anti-child, or deceitful in leaving out so much crucial context that surrounds women who become pregnant after surviving sexual assault. 

As a society we must do better to help these survivors recover and heal. We must do better to hold accountable those deplorable criminals. We must never advocate for the killing of innocent children because of the crimes of others. Texas must stand firm against adding such an exception to our strong Pro-Life laws. 

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