Bogus Lawsuits Filed Against Texas Abortionist

Today, two disbarred attorneys filed lawsuits against Alan Braid, an abortionist in San Antonio who wrote an op-ed titled, “I violated Texas’s abortion ban. Here’s why.”

Texas Right to Life is suspicious that Braid’s op-ed is purely a legal and publicity ploy. The abortion industry’s 16 previous efforts failed to stop this law from saving lives so far, and this may be another attempt. However, there is a four-year statute of limitations for any violations.

The first plaintiff suing Braid, Felipe Gomez, is a disbarred pro-abortion attorney attacking an abortionist with the goal of declaring the law to be unconstitutional. The second plaintiff, Oscar Stilley, is currently under home confinement and used his lawsuit to air grievances about his felony conviction.

Neither of these lawsuits are valid attempts to save innocent human lives. Both cases are self-serving legal stunts, abusing the cause of action created in the Texas Heartbeat Act for their own purposes.

We believe Braid published his op-ed intending to attract imprudent lawsuits, but none came from the Pro-Life movement.

Texas Right to Life is resolute in ensuring the Texas Heartbeat Act is fully enforced and we believe Braid’s effort will fail just like the abortion industry’s other legal attacks on the law so far.