Blood Money

Many have called the abortion epidemic in the U.S. the American holocaust, so what caused filmmakers David Kyle and John Zipp to change the name of their documentary from 'The American Holocaust' to Blood Money?

As they sought out to make this documentary one thing kept rearing its head and that was the money behind abortions. Over and over again as they interviewed people the topic kept going back to money. So the documentary evolved and now its purpose is to uncover not only the truth about the nature and effect of abortions, but the truth about the driving force behind those abortions as well.

The documentary covers people within the pro-life movement who have dealt with and been impacted by abortion. It also captures the thoughts and experiences of those who were at one time pro-choice and full fledged in the culture of death. One of the people in the movie is a former supporter of the pro-choice movement as well as a former owner of multiple abortion clinics.

Her name is Carol Everett and in this documentary she recounts the goals that they set out for their clinics as well as the life style they set out to promote. These include expecting 3-5 abortions from girls within the ages of 13 and 18. She goes on to say that they wanted to become the source and authority for sex education for young women. In the preview released on August 21, 2009 Carol Everett recounts how she looked back and realized she had been involved in the death of over 35,000 babies. If someone so immersed in the culture of death can see the light what is it going to take to open the eyes of all of those living amongst us?

How do you speak to those that won't listen? How do we show something to those who are blind? You have to get them from within. You have to cut deep. Many times we have the difficulty of breaking through the walls that those in our society have built up. In 'Blood Money', the goal of David Kyle and John Zipp is to shake the viewer to the core while getting the truth about abortion out there. Abortion destroys lives and families. Kyle and Zipp felt as if the issue of abortion was not getting enough attention in the media and this was a way of getting the word out. As of right now they still do not have a publisher for the movie which they are hoping to release in theatres.

However you can show your support by going to [URL=””][/URL] and registering as well as getting the word out about this hard hitting documentary. The more press and attention it can get, the more likely more people will see it and in turn the more people it can impact and change to see what is truly right and what needs to be done.