Biden’s False Abortion Narrative in State of the Union Perpetuates Medical Negligence

Joe Biden doubled down on false claims via the State of the Union address Tuesday night, implying that Pro-Life laws prohibit physicians from performing abortions in medical emergencies. Every law in the United States protecting preborn children from elective abortion includes an exception for cases where the life of the mother is jeopardized.

Biden invited an Austin-based family, who, according to reports, faced delays in receiving treatment for a life-threatening condition. Physicians purportedly cited Texas’ Pro-Life law as the reason for refusing to induce labor. Texas law explicitly states that critical care is permitted when a life-threatening condition arises, in no way requiring imminent death before a physician can take action to save the mother’s life. Nevertheless, President Biden continued to promote the lie that physicians are not legally able to provide life-saving care to pregnant women. This negligent misinformation sows deadly confusion and fear among the medical community, causing delays in providing legal and necessary care to mothers requiring treatment for a miscarriage or facing other tragic medical conditions

Biden exploited this case to criticize Pro-Life laws protecting all preborn children, and to argue for abortion on demand up until birth. 

This is not a problem with the law – it is a problem with implementation in the medical community. The answer is more education for medical professionals on what the law says.

Texas Pro-Life laws are saving thousands of lives. Our policies are clear: Treatment for miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy is not an abortion, and there are clear exceptions for situations when the mother’s life or major bodily function is at risk. 

For the last year and a half, Texas Right to Life has led the way refuting the miscarriage myth being spread by pro-abortion forces and perpetuated by left-leaning media outlets. Texas Right to Life has partnered with experts in obstetrics and gynecology, like Dr. Ingrid Skop to shine light on the medical reality of Texas law.

In parroting the false narrative on Texas Pro-Life laws and promoting elective abortion on demand until and past the moment of birth, Biden is endangering the lives of thousands of Texas women and babies. Texas Right to Life will continue to push back on these lies and any attempts to weaken our life-saving laws, fully enforce those laws, and build a Pro-Life Texas that honors the lives of both mother and child. 

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