Biden Promotes Misinformation on Care for Pregnant Women in Medical Emergencies

Every law prohibiting elective abortion to any extent in the United States clarifies that interventions in cases where the life of the mother is at risk are completely legal. Unfortunately, the pro-abortion Left has taken the deadly position of denying the reality of the law for political expediency. President Biden himself pushed this false narrative, and targeted Texas Pro-Life laws in particular, by inviting a woman whose care was delayed to attend his State of the Union Address.

During the address, Amanda Zurawski and her husband Josh Zurawski sat with First Lady Jill Biden. Last year, Zurawski’s water broke when she was just 18 weeks pregnant, which is before a child is viable outside the womb. According to reports, medical professionals negligently refused to induce labor since the child still had a heartbeat, citing Texas Pro-Life law. Instead, they sent the Austin-based woman home, and only intervened when she developed a serious case of sepsis.

However, this is not how the law is written; Zurawski’s doctors negligently misinterpreted it. Texas law explicitly states that critical care is permitted when a life-threatening condition is foreseeable — nothing in the law states that a woman must be in the process of dying before a physician can take action to save her life. Nevertheless, President Biden continues to promote the lie that pregnant women are not able to legally access life-saving care. This misinformation engenders further confusion and fear among the medical community, causing delays in legal and necessary care to mothers requiring treatment for a miscarriage or other tragic medical conditions.

Democrats like Biden exploit tragic cases like Zurawski’s to criticize Pro-Life laws and to argue for abortion on demand up until birth. Tragically, Zurawski should have been treated without delay. Our laws are clear about that. This is not a problem with the law — it is a problem with implementation, fueled by confusion prompted by pro-abortion advocates’ rhetoric.

Texas law is clear — treatment for miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy is NOT an abortion, and there are clear exceptions for cases when the mother’s life is at risk.

Through inviting the Zurawski family as guests to the State of the Union Address, Biden is promoting the abortion industry’s lie that the answer to these situations is abortion on demand, rather than demanding clearer understanding of our current Pro-Life laws and better care for pregnant women under those laws. This false narrative is placing women in danger. Do not fall for the lies. Texas law is clear that legal treatment is available to women tragically facing life-threatening conditions in Texas and delaying such crucial legal care is not only wrong, but negligent.

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