Behind every BETO sign

Thank you.  Because of you, our team has stared down the abortion mob at the polls for two weeks.  Our presence turned several would-be, confused Democrats into informed Pro-Life voters.

And I think we are very close – if Pro-Lifers didn’t actually win the Early Voting.

I fear, however, this won’t be enough.

As you read this message, Beto O’Rourke is dispatching THOUSANDS of staff to knock on one million doors between now and Election Day.  His multimillion dollar blitz won’t just escalate his attack on Ted Cruz, but Beto’s aggressive campaign is designed to hurt Pro-Life men and women up and down your ballot.

Planned Parenthood and Soros adore Beto, but their agenda runs far beyond simply electing him.  Behind every Beto O’Rourke sign in your neighborhood is a promise to undo every Pro-Life accomplishment we have struggled to achieve for the last four DECADES.

The dark forces are desperate, well-funded, and organized.  Your action now will determine if they win.

Will you reach voters right now who are vulnerable to the abortion mob?

Your gift today will:

  • Mobilize staff and volunteers to speak to voters at the polls right before they cast their ballots (yes, I’m shocked some people make up their minds as they are walking into the polling place);
  • Reach 400,000 Texans with online ads and phone calls; and
  • Target pivotal Spanish-speaking voters who share your Pro-Life values, voters we historically never have made a true effort to bring to our side, where they naturally belong.

I look at the numbers every night.  Your efforts so far have held back the blue wave, but the Left is mounting a final massive door-to-door Get Out The Vote effort.

LIFE will only win on Tuesday if you and I escalate our efforts and commitment too.

Click here to rush an emergency contribution of $20, $50, $100, or more to your Pro-Life political headquarters to shift this election.

How much is this election worth to you?  Because this is on the line and we need all hands on deck.


Pol. ad paid for by Texas Right to Life PAC.