Ban insurance coverage for abortion!

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With Pro-Life Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick at the helm, our Texas State Senate just overwhelmingly approved Senate Bill 575 by State Senator Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) that reforms insurance coverage of abortion, 21-10!


A LOT of work remains before SB 575 is on Governor Abbott’s desk for his signature.

The battle now intensifies, and Texas Right to Life needs every single Pro-Life representative in the House to help to move the bill through hurdles.

If you want to ban your money from buying insurance coverage for others’ abortions, click and follow this link to donate $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $5,000 right now!

Senator Taylor explained that the purpose of the bill is to protect insurance consumers from subsidizing the abortions of others through their insurance plans. Abortion coverage would still be available by separate, supplemental plans for those who choose such coverage.

“Under this bill, Texans can choose to pay for abortions, or they can choose not to pay for the abortions of others,” said Senator Taylor, a past honoree of Texas Right to Life as a top Pro-Life legislator.

SB 575 is the first Pro-Life bill to pass the State Senate in several years without a special session or emergency status assigned by the governor.

Planned Parenthood and the Texas abortion mills will wage a full assault on the Texas Capitol to stall this bill from passage in the House. They are in panic mode.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, the abortion crowd has many pro-abortion friends in the House.

Your Pro-Life Headquarters depends on your financial support to protect Life and to send this bill to Governor Abbott.

Click and follow this link and make sure Governor Abbott signs this important life-saving bill!

Only 25 days remain to pass this bill for Governor Abbott’s signature. Please donate, right now.

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