Bake sales for abortion, the Planned Parenthood fundraising craze continues

This week, Vogue offered readers recipes for fancy food as part of a fundraising effort for Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business.  The article, “Three Delicious Recipes from a Bake Sale for Planned Parenthood,” offered not one substantive reason why readers should support Planned Parenthood.  As National Right to Life News pointed out, this glib Planned Parenthood cheerleading is typical of the fashion magazine, which unquestioningly pushes anti-Life views at every opportunity.

Still, there is something decidedly unsavory about sharing recipes in order to financially support an organization that kills more than 320,000 preborn babies every year.  High-end New York City restaurants contributed sophisticated recipes for the actual bake sale in the city last Sunday.  Vogue shared a selection of the recipes for people who couldn’t make the trip to New York City for the anti-Life version of a PTA function.  Vogue reminds readers, “Just remember to give to Planned Parenthood, if you bake one of these treats at home.”

Top chefs whipping up recipes to ensure that Planned Parenthood continues to turn a profit is a variation on the tired old theme.  Celebrities have “honored” the abortion business in fawning social media posts and public contributions for years.  In the mania of abortion fundraising, the focus remains on sweet treats and pretty, pink things instead of the ugly reality.

The fun and fluffy fundraising never mentions that Planned Parenthood will happily earmark your donation for the killing of a preborn black baby.  They also fail to mention that none of the money goes toward life-saving mammograms, because Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms.  You won’t hear about the big fans of Planned Parenthood who probably won’t be buying overpriced baked goods: sex traffickers, child abusers, and rapists.  When all these ugly truths reach the surface, a high-end bake sale for Planned Parenthood seems more than a little unsavory.

But all this fanfare and fancy recipe swapping begs the question: Why is our federal government keeping Planned Parenthood on the dole?  Aside from the scandal of selling baby body parts harvested in abortions, committing Medicaid fraud, perpetuating false advertising, and the above-mentioned criminal collusion, Planned Parenthood clearly doesn’t need our money.  With sophisticated friends throwing bake sales, surely the federal government can finally make good on the promise to end all taxpayer funding of the largest abortion business in America.

Meanwhile, the antics of anti-Life fundraisers should inspire Pro-Lifers to renewed efforts in public outreach.  Need a powerful message for your next Pro-Life bake sale?  Take a page from Cupcakes for Life, and host a bake sale with cupcakes honoring the millions of preborn babies who never celebrated their birthdays because their lives ended in abortions.  Sweet treats can be a powerful conversation-starter.   Unfortunately, Vogue doesn’t have any cupcake recipes you can use, but we bet you can find a recipe from a more reliable source.