Back Texas Right to Life in a major landmark Supreme Court battle for Life!

Friend —

The Supreme Court of the United States just made a monumental decision: They will decide on the Texas HB 2 law — the omnibus Pro-Life law on which Texas Right to Life led passage in 2013 — that stipulates that abortion centers abide by the same rules of practice and hygiene as ambulatory surgical centers.

This will be the first MAJOR Pro-Life ruling from the US Supreme Court in nine years! The results of this ruling will shape our ability to save lives in Texas and nationwide! (Can you make this red?)

For the average American, the provisions in HB 2 are common-sense, but one which abortionists absolutely hate

Friend, I cannot overstate this. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for all Pro-Lifers in Texas. We cannot afford to lose this battle.

Stand with Texas women and with Texas Right to Life as we head to the Supreme Court to seek a landmark ruling and victory for the Pro-Life movement with an emergency contribution of $100 or more.

The billion-dollar tax-funded abortion industry does NOT worry about how to fund their war on Life. But we beat them and win because the truth is on our side and because financial support from Pro-Lifers like you keep Texas Right to Life on the front lines of the culture war. 

Recruit Pro-Lifers in Texas and across the country to stand with us.

Send a message to abortionists that we can and will win this epic battle by clicking and following this link to make an emergency donation of $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or $3,500 or more right now.

Yours for their Lives,