Baby Tinslee celebrates first birthday despite dispute with 10-Day Rule

Baby Tinslee Lewis, the infant at the center of a legal battle over the Texas 10-Day Rule, celebrated her first birthday today, February 1.  Had the countdown imposed under Texas law expired as scheduled, Baby Tinslee would not have lived past early November. Today, her story touches millions of hearts across the globe.

Tinslee’s mother, Trinity, stated today:

“Tinslee had her first birthday today.  I’m so grateful – because when we had just the 10 days in November, I thought her life would be over.  But since then, Tinslee has kept fighting, her doctors and nurses tell me she’s improving, and now she’s one year old.  Today, Tinslee got all dressed up, has gotten her hair done, and took some pretty pictures. She’s heavily sedated to keep her from pulling out her tubes, but she recognizes me and others who love her, and is able to open her eyes, move her arms, and grab my fingers.  She is surrounded by so much love, not just from me and our family, but from people who are praying for her around the world.”

This milestone comes days before the Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth will hear oral arguments in her case against the horrible 10-Day Rule.  Please join us in praying that Tinslee’s life will be protected.