Apple CEO vows to pay travel expenses for Texas employees to end lives of preborn babies

Corporations are under extreme pressure from anti-Life activists to condemn the Texas Heartbeat Act. The latest to join in was Apple. Reports indicate that Apple CEO Tim Cook voiced opposition to the Pro-Life Texas law and vowed monetary support for individual mothers seeking elective abortion and legal efforts to overthrow the life-saving legislation.

News sources obtained a “secret recording” of a meeting of more than 160,000 Apple employees located around the U.S. and internationally. In the broadcast, Cook addressed the Texas Heartbeat Act, which went into effect on September 1. The law protects preborn babies from the time they have a detectable heartbeat, about six weeks’ gestation. The Pro-Life measure, which has saved more than 2,000 lives since taking effect, has enraged pro-aborts, including President Joe Biden and several high-profile business leaders. 

While the Biden Administration tries at every level of government to undermine the Texas Heartbeat Act, businesses under the influence of the abortion industry have tried to boycott and condemn Texas. Ridesharing giant Lyft even donated $1 million to the abortion business Planned Parenthood to show outrage over the Life-saving law. Other companies, like Salesforce, have offered to pay for employees to move to another state.

Although public figures are demanding demonstrations of support for abortion, the few brave people in the halls of power voicing their Pro-Life views have been condemned. One CEO was ousted from his own company after daring to express his personal support for the Pro-Life Texas law. While a Pro-Life CEO faces career-ending backlash when he states that in his capacity as private citizen he supports laws that save lives, woke corporations feel free to speak on behalf of all employees in their radical support for abortion.

In light of these extremes, abortion activists expect every corporation to fold before the angry mob. Despite Apple’s Cook pledging untold sums of money to maintain the status quo of ending the lives of the preborn, there were angry commentators who are convinced he needed to do more. For abortion radicals, the only acceptable option is abandoning Texas completely and any of the many other states considering passing a Life-saving law like ours.

One pro-abort wrote that “it’s untenable for Apple, or any other company, to ‘support our employees’ rights to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive health’ and ask any woman to work for the company in a state with a law like Texas’s.” The solution, according to this radical abortion activist? “An immediate hiring and construction freeze in Texas…is the only tenable action compatible with Apple’s stated values.”

According to many anti-Lifers, egged on by the abortion activists in the mainstream media, Texas’s law is a danger to women. There is no mention of the preborn child violently killed in legal abortion. There is no mention of all the preborn girls who will one day be women with their own rights, rights that cannot extend to the right to kill an innocent human being in a free and just society. For the pro-aborts, there is only one acceptable regime: elective abortion on demand. Corporations that make gestures in favor of this radicalism are seen as good.

What people do not mention is the financial incentive of the corporations. Paying for a mother’s trip out-of-state for an elective abortion is far less expensive than paying for maternity leave and creating a family-friendly office culture that supports parents who take an active role in their children’s lives. This is the same tech industry that has tried to coerce women into freezing their eggs with the hopes of pursuing destructive, anti-Life methods of child-bearing once they are further into their career. We should not be surprised to find that the tech giants are also interested in the elective destruction of children who arrive on a schedule that may not be best for the business.

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