Anti-Life legislators shove agenda down Texas´ unwilling throat

A new anti-Life campaign bizarrely titled, “Trust. Respect. Access.,” seeks to move the state backward into an era where abortion on-demand and without apology is the mantra of Texans everywhere. And the campaign is a multi-year undertaking.

The initiative takes aim at the pro-woman policies instated in the last two Texas legislative sessions—particularly the 2011 Sonogram Law’s 24-hour waiting period. Another measure introduced ridiculously seeks to allow abortionists to skirt abortion restrictions by means of their purported “professional judgment,” while yet another will push to liberalize sex education in Texas (read more about the unsavory things that occur when the abortion industry has claws in sex ed programs here).

The campaign also looks to cripple the Life-affirming work of pregnancy resource centers across the state. These centers strive to lower the 84% statistic of post-abortive women who assert that, when they underwent their abortions, they felt they had no other choice.

Pregnancy resource centers are constantly vilified by the anti-Life movement because they are a one-on-one tool that effectively apprises mothers in crisis of the full spectrum of options available to them. These centers also inform women of the potential outcomes associated with undergoing abortion. But abortion advocates would rather see Planned Parenthood’s pockets lined than see women receive the information and alternatives to abortion that they deserve.

At a press conference with the anti-Life legislators sponsoring the “Trust. Respect. Access.” bills, Jessica Farrar, a Democrat lawmaker from Houston, stated that abortion facilities offer “healthcare,” while pregnancy resource centers do not. This could not be further from the truth, as no pregnancy resource center harms a woman (i.e., perforates her uterus or causes her death) and no pregnancy resource center kills unborn children in the violent act of abortion.  These things cannot be said of the destructive abortion businesses that dot the state of Texas, offering anything but “healthcare.”

The abortion movement, led by a minority of anti-Life representatives in the Texas Legislature, daydreams about a return to the fleeting support they saw in the summer of 2013.  After Wendy Davis tried — unsuccessfully — to derail the most Life-affirming piece of legislation, House Bill 2, that Texas has ever seen, their fifteen minutes of infamy was over.

What the abortion movement fails to recognize is that our Pro-Life presence at the Capitol was there years before the abortion movement ever showed up en masse, and our presence persists now years after their little outburst faded into memory. The abortion movement has tried, time and again, to rekindle that flame (a flame that did not truly exist in the first place). But the fact of the matter is this: Texas is Pro-Life. Millennials are Pro-Life. Women are Pro-Life. And because of that three-fold foundation, the Pro-Life movement has captured and will continue to sustain the State of Texas.